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- Handmade with old fashioned craftsmanship -

Custom engraving is available to immortalize your cookware with a family name or special date!

No. 16 Baker

No. 16 Baker

400.00 450.00

Bakers allow an even distribution of heat while the small handles allow easy maneuvering into an oven or grill. These bakers have greater wall heights which increases the volume compared to the skillets. perfectly suited corn bread, skillet lasagna, and many other one pan dishes! This will easily fit into the oven and grill to enhance your culinary experience. 

Carbon steel Baker made in 16 inches. Fit for a feast with a large family, it cooks enough everyone. These are faster to season than cast iron and a pleasure to use.

Due to the size, these bakers are made with thicker steel than the smaller sizes to increase heat distribution over the entire cooking surface. Wall height is ~2.25 inches, and the distance across the handles is ~22 inches. Note: due to the imperfect nature of handmade construction, this measurement can vary. If you need specific measurements to be met, feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities!

Bakers may also be personalized to make the perfect gift. 

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