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Handmade with old fashioned craftsmanship.

Custom engraving is available to immortalize your cookware with a family name or special date!

Pizza Steel Round

Pizza Steel Round


For all you pizza nerds out there who want pizzeria quality crust in your home oven. Measures 16” Round and weighs 25 pounds!

Pizza shops achieve great crust because their ovens can reach temperatures around 1000F. Home ovens typically max out around 500F. Sometimes pizza stones are preheated to attempt to replicate the extreme temperatures, but they fail to transfer heat fast enough to make a quality crispy crust. Steel is the perfect material to absorb thermal energy and then quickly transfer that energy into the pizza to produce the perfect crust.

You have not had pizza until you’ve had one cooked on a pizza steel!

Also available in a square shape. For you Extra Pizza Nerds, we would be happy to make a custom thickness for you! Shoot a message over from the contact us page and we’ll get the process started.

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