Heart and Spade Forge



Can I use my Skillet on a glass or induction cooktop?

Absolutely! They preform perfectly well on all cooking surfaces. From induction to campfire and everything in between!

How do I season my custom skillet?

Just like cast iron! After cooking rinse off the any remaining food with or without soap (soap or no soap is a personal, and highly debatable choice, though the longer you use the skillet the easier it will be to clean and season. Dry on the stovetop. When still warm, rub a thin coat of vegetable oil all over the skillet and continue to heat till it just smokes. Turn off the heat, and let it slowly cool until your next meal! Never run it through the dishwasher! 

I include care instructions with orders to help get you started. 

Are they cast iron?

The skillets are hand forged from carbon steel. They behave like cast iron, but are stronger, more nonstick, and a fraction of the weight. The cooking surface is polished to produce a fine finish that is amazingly nonstick. My skillets are thicker than commercially availible carbon steel, so they retain heat better and will not warp with use.